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Label your unstructured data
Heartex is a data labeling tool that uses Neural Networks to do the work. You train it by creating examples of labels, and it automatically predicts labels for the rest of the dataset.

How Heartex works

You add a set of objects and label a small batch yourself or with the help of your team. Heartex then uses the gained information to label the rest of the dataset, simultaneously training the AI model for use in the future.
You can train your own AI models or use our pre-trained models via Heartex API for a variety of applications.


Use Heartex for analysing photos, CCTV footage and other visual information.


Label audio files to filter out ads, transcribe audiobooks, identify music genres and more.


Parse products in ecommerce, moderate messages, train chatbots for context recognition in English, Spanish, French and Russian.

Time series

Label time series data and train your or Heartex models to work with sensor signals.

Custom datasets

Set up Heartex models to work with any type of datasets you have — let us know of your objectives and we'll help you start either with our AI models or connect your own.

Get actionable results instantly

Integrate your AI model with Heartex through our API and see how its quality score grows as you label the dataset. Such model integration approach allows you to see results faster — in days, not months — and process only as much data as necessary.

Go faster with automatic pre-labeling

We make suggestions based on what has already been processed before. You only need to approve or correct the suggestions when labeling your own datasets.

Optimal labeling strategy

Heartex uses active learning to train your model on diverse examples first. You can fine-tune the model by labeling similar objects later to optimise the model’s quality score, but usually there is no need to label the whole dataset.

Transparent training process

If a dataset is missing variables, or your experts' labeling results differ too much, you'll see that early enough. Make adjustments and save time and money on labeling everything — just monitor the model's quality score at early stages of training.

How companies use Heartex


Our client maIns saved $1500 by using Heartex pre-trained model to evaluate insurance cases. Instead of spending hours on making decisions manually, they have their customers take pictures of car crash damage on-site and the AI does the rest in a matter of seconds.


Human+, a smart devices company, provides workforce analytics to construction companies. It uses Heartex to label data gathered from devices worn by builders. Insights lead to real work processes optimisation and cutting costs.

Fishing industry

We're working on a project that uses Heartex AI models to process information about commercially caught fish and saves time & money on identifying types of fish on images taken at the site of catch.

Easy to get started

  1. Sign up for Heartex and add your dataset objects
  2. Connect your AI model through Heartex API or choose one of our pre-trained models
  3. Label a small batch of objects, yourself or collaboratively with your team members
  4. See your model’s quality score improve as you go through the dataset
  5. Start using your model as soon as you want. If necessary, you can keep improving its quality score as you go.
Start labeling your data
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