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Community edition


Perfect start for small projects

• 5 000 predictions

• 0 collaborators

• 1 request per second


$ 99 monthly

Improve accuracy of your models

• 50 000 predictions

• 5 collaborators

• 5 requests per second


$ 499 monthly

Create models from scratch

• 300 000 predictions

• 25 collaborators

• 25 requests per second

• Access to analytics

Enterprise plan

Tailor Heartex capabilities to the needs of your large-scale business

For bigger scale projects it's best if we talk personally and work out how your business can benefit from using Heartex.

Let's get in touch!

Core features included in all plans

• Fully configurable labeling editor

• Machine learning models integration: train your model during the labeling, not after the fact

• Bulk data import: we handle data uploads up to 1GB in size

• Quality score monitoring: see the changes in quality of the labeling process in real time — no more wasting money

• API access: integrate with our tools with a well-documented REST API available for your needs

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